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Interrupt The Cycle And Beat Yips

Baseball YIPS

Overcoming The Yips Cycle Do you fear making a throwing error? Have the yips made you apprehensive to take the field and lowered your overall confidence? The yips can affect baseball players of all ability levels. For example, the yips have altered how Chicago Cub starting pitcher Jon Lester plays the game. Lester has 127 wins over the course of … Throwing Yips Article>>

Face The Throwing Yips Head On

Baseball YIPS

How Can You Move Past The Yips? Although the yips are most commonly associated with golf putting or chipping, the problem is now becoming more known across the sporting world. Currently, the yips have come to media attention that baseball pitchers are suffering from the throwing yips as well. Pitchers are faced with a tremendous amount of pressure, particularly when … Throwing Yips Article>>