Throwing Yips

Why Over Thinking Leads to Throwing Problems

Overthinking and yips

How to Throw Intuitively One challenge for ball players with the throwing yips is getting caught up in a cycle of over thinking. I think it starts the yips cycle. Ball plays will: Overthink what their arm is doing… Overthink their mechanics… Overthink what others might think… And overthink the outcome of a bad throw. All this over thinking starts … Throwing Yips Article>>

Why Ball Players Go to a Safe Throw

The Safe Throw and Yips

How to Overcome the Yips Josh recently wrote to me about his struggles in the bullpen when catching… “I have recently struggled in, not only the bullpen, but throws to bases in practice as well as simply playing catch. Yesterday, my only struggle was in the bullpen, no problem during warm up. Do you have any advice as how to … Throwing Yips Article>>