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Rick Ankiel’s Throwing Yips

Throwing Yips Videos

Ankiel’s Loss Of Control Throwing Cardinals pitcher Rick Ankiel throws five wild pitches in the bottom of the third inning against the Braves in 2000. Ankiel was a pitcher with the Cardinals from 1999 until 2004, until he lost his ability to throw strikes without a problem. In 2001 he walked 25 batters and threw five wild pitches in just … Throwing Yips Article>>

Jon Lester’s Throwing Yips

Throwing Yips Videos

Does Jon Lester Have The Yips When Throwing to First? On Tuesday’s “High Heat,” Christopher Russo suggests that Jon Lester’s issue with the yips attempting a pickoff at first base is overblown. Does he lose his grip on the ball or does he have the full blown throwing or pitching yips? For five years no one noticed Lester having trouble … Throwing Yips Article>>